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Av susan wilson - 7 mars 2016 13:04

India is a country of diverse cultures and ethnicity, where the language and attire changes from State to state and sometimes even within a State. Apart from these there has been a global influence of some outfits and there is augmentation in the demand. The most talk about attire is the Patiala Salwar suit. A traditional Punjabi outfit coined in the State of Punjab which is in North India. They are very popular in Punjab and the adjoining States as well. The famous Patiala Salwars were quite in demand earlier but with change in fashion, they got lost. But now they are back in trend again and are also popular as Shahi Salwars.




Patialas are both traditional and stylish in their own way. The salwars have many pleats styles together and have a beautiful fall which gives it a very different look from the regular salwars. This trendy and stylish attire has distinct sort of silhouette. The fall is generally up to the ankles giving a perfect look yet stylish look to one who wears. The salwars are paired with a well fitted short kurtis which gives a nice frame to the body.

Since they contain many pleats to give it a defined fall, the material required to get one stitched is 3.5 metres in comparison to 205 metres for regular type of suits. Extra fabric is to make pleats out of it providing the required fall. When the salwar is ready it has layers of folds of cloth which go up to the thighs. The suits in whole have changed from what they were in past like in patterns, colours, styles and sometimes an overall change as well. There have been changes in the design of kurtis in terms of necklines, lengths of kurtis, stylish sleeves, collar necks, deeper back necks, and other similar by fashion designers. In addition various new sort of embroideries, work on salwars have been introduced.

The fabric of Patiala salwars come in different variety like Jacquard,, chiffon, georgette, satin, crepe, viscosesilk, Jamvar, Brocade, Cotton, etc. It has varied patterns, prints and colours to add beauty to the salwar Kameez and look stunning in daily wear as well as on occasions. In summer they are a very good option to wear as it’s light and comfortable in warm weather. These are very popular among teenagers and also women who are working. The outfit is complete with a dupatta which can be very simple or have lot of embroidery depending on the occasion. The kurtis with these salwars can be of knee length or very short. Every online store has a large collection of Patiala salwar suit consisting of designs, bright colours of orange, black, maroon, green, pink, yellow, which give a gorgeous look to the wearer.

The Patiala suits which emerged from small town have become globally acclaimed today all thanks to the B-town Divas like Kangana Ranaut, who wore in” Tanu weds Manu” and Kareena who wore it in “ Jab we met”, etc and made this cool outfit popular throughout the globe!

People specially shop online and purchase these ethnic attires. It is for sure that every woman’s wardrobe at least comprises of 4-5 such pairs.

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