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Av susan wilson - 27 juni 2017 15:08

Jewelry is an artifact which epitomizes elegance and glamour in a sultry fashion. Jewels adorn the women aptly giving them a flavor of opulence and splendor that they are worth of. Intricate pieces spell charm, ravishing the entire appeal especially on the D Day of wedding.  Bridal jewels are special for the occasion and an exemplary eye is required to get that unique set which will set you apart from the crowd. Here is a list of 15 tips which can go a long way to help you fulfill your wish of getting the perfect artificial jewellery.

1) Start shopping earlier: Yes with the choice range and the whims that we encompass for the D Day it is essential to start planning and shopping earlier. Starting early gives one plenty of chance to browse and navigate through each and every shop giving, quenching the thirst of satisfaction. Start from shops that you are familiar with since there is a pretty good chance of getting your desired pieces from there. Ensure that you have chalked on a plan at least 3 weeks before the wedding day to keep sufficient buffer for changes and modification

2) Get your bridal outfit first: Buying the bridal outfit -be it a sari or a lehenga helps to get an ideal of the style and pattern of jewels which will blend with it. Color studded gems can also be matched accordingly.

3) Budgeting it right: Get an overall picture of what you will be receiving from both sides of family and in-laws. Accordingly, demarcate a certain budget with small flexibility to ensure that you have sufficient finance when choosing a pick.

4) Take a picture of the outfit for matching: Ensure you have a high quality picture of the bridal outfit to ensure that the jewelry gold matches with the zari and resham embroidery of the drapery.

5) Get your measurements right: Planning what length and size of chain you want along with the length of the danglers beforehand is ideal to save time from resizing and modifying them later. The size can be locked with the help of strings which can be given to the shops for exact requirement.

6) Opt for flexible jewelry: The latest trend is to use detachable jewels which can be customized to match any occasion.

7) Go for classic jewels: Aligning with the wishes and demands of mothers and mothers-in laws, go for classic jewels which are mostly contemporary in nature.

8) Choose according to your personality: Each piece of jewelry is designed to highlight your features in the best possible way and hence a wise decision must be made while selection.

9) Select the right earing: Earring is an important part of the bridal jewellery and hence ensure to get it right. For a bun like hair, select medium length accessories while if one is planning to keep the hair loose and open opt for long danglers


10) Restyling can make a difference: Restyling heirlooms like old jewelry can go a long way to give an ultimate look. Polish them or embed stones to restyle them completely

11) Comfortable design for engagement ring: Since this is meant to be worn on all days, choose a design which is elegant yet comfortable to be worn on a daily basis.

12) Varying shades of Gold: Gold today is available as pure gold with different shades such as bright yellow, dull finish or white gold. Select the one that suits you the best.

13) Keep the entire package ready: The entire package should be ready for rehearsal to get an overall picture of the changes and modification required if any

14) Be yourself: Select jewel pieces which suit and gels up with your personality. Simple elegant sultry look always works.

15) Get a proper jewelry box for storing those precious items which are special to you in every way.

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